Tax Scams

Illinois Tax Scams Attorney

It is hard to believe in the age of the digital phone and Internet that scammers are still able to convince smart people to do extremely destructive things, like deliberately failing to file taxes for years. Their methodology is very convincing, as are their credentials. Typically they assemble a CPA, tax attorney or former IRS agent to give their claims credibility. By misreading the Constitution, they are able to convince educated people that they are not legally obligated to pay taxes. Then they sell seminar participants a “Tax Freedom” kit at $4,500 for more to teach them how to avoid paying income taxes.

These scammers can get you into a lot of trouble. Besides being out the money paid for the tax evasion kit, you are still liable for taxes on yearly earned income and run the risk of racking up huge fines and high interest charges.

Seek Experienced Tax Counsel

If you find yourself victimized by one of these scammers, we recommend you consult with a skilled tax attorney as soon as possible. Besides being the focus of an active IRS investigation, you may face criminal charges for tax evasion.

Your troubles may start with a warning letter from the IRS. If you have received a letter or expect to soon, please call Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., as soon as possible. We are experienced tax and bankruptcy law attorneys who have helped many clients resolve similar problems with the IRS. We will be glad to meet with you for a free initial consultation in our Warrenville office, listen to your story, and provide practical counsel on tax resolution strategies and bankruptcy.

Become Compliant

Before beginning settlement conferences with the IRS, we can help you become compliant (filing all your tax returns) by preparing and filing tax returns on your behalf. If you are missing documents, we will work with the IRS to recreate them. Once you are compliant, we will continue to look out for your best interests in negotiations with the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue.