Removing Levies on Wages and Bank Accounts

We Can Help You Eliminate Levies And Keep Your Hard-Earned Money

A wage or bank levy allows the IRS to seize your bank account or a portion of your wages to pay off your tax debt. Federal and state tax authorities do not require a court order or judgment to place a levy on your assets and there is no grace period for a levy, so your funds will be immediately seized as soon as the levy is issued.

Wage levies that involve the failure to file or properly file tax returns often have the greatest impact on the taxpayer, particularly in cases where the taxpayer doesn’t have sufficient information to file tax returns for prior years. In such cases, the IRS typically continues to levy wages until the returns have been filed and processed, which can take several months without the proper assistance.

At Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., in Naperville, Illinois, we help clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area to get out of debt and eliminate IRS tax levies through the bankruptcy process. Our principal attorney, Jon Dowat, has decades of experience handling IRS tax levies and associated issues.

We can help you do the following:

  • When you file for bankruptcy, we can often get a wage or bank levy removed — and your money returned — within 24 to 72 hours.
  • If a wage or bank levy is the result of a failure to file a tax return, we can help you file those returns as soon as possible, resulting in the removal of the levy.
  • If you can prove an immediate hardship, such as potential foreclosure or eviction, due to the levy, we can usually get your money returned to you within a few days.
  • If your bank account was levied, we can get the money back if we prove that exempt funds such as medical assistance or other government assistance were in your account.