Immediate Solutions To Emergency Tax Situations

Seemingly insignificant oversights and errors in your relationship with the IRS can snowball over time to suddenly explode into serious and costly problems. At Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., we are equipped with the thorough understanding of tax law to quickly intervene in what may seem like a hopeless situation.

Our experienced attorneys are able to efficiently assess your situation and offer real solutions that attack the problem and work quickly to protect you from serious penalties. Located in Naperville, Illinois, our law firm represents clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

We Diagnose, Then Prescribe

Our team will sit down with you to thoroughly understand the tax situation you are facing and provide customized solutions. We regularly assist clients in numerous common tax emergencies.

  • We can usually get IRS wage and bank levies removed within 24 to 72 hours
  • We can help you prepare tax returns right away
  • We can stop foreclosure by helping you file for bankruptcy
  • We can help you prepare late or never-filed returns right away
  • We can help you fight the IRS — and win

Our background in tax law and accounting equips us to find creative and innovative resolutions on a deadline. Many firms do not have the resources and depth of experience to identify opportunities without significant ramp-up time and research. Our team of tax lawyers has successfully handled these cases for years; we know how to attack your problem and find positive solutions right away.