How to Grow Your Money and Protect Your Investment

Financial Planning & Investment Attorney

The recent economic downturn has affected many Americans where it hurts most — in their pocketbook or wallet. According to a new survey taken by the Pew Research Center’s Social & Demographic Trends Project in 2010, a third of the adults polled believe they lack the income and resources to fund retirement. A third of the respondents aged 62 and older reported that they were delaying retirement due to financial concerns, including declining housing values.

Debunking Traditional Investment Strategy

We understand that you need your money to work even harder than before. The sad truth is most investment advisors are only in it for the commission. Due to this recent economic downturn, many people have seen the values of their retirement accounts decrease significantly.

The traditional advice from investment counselors is to just leave the money in the account and it will eventually recover. We believe that solution is a primitive idea; the math does not work. If you lose 10 percent in the market, you have eroded the principle and have to work hard just to get back to even. Most of us would like to retire eventually and do not have enough years to make this financial solution viable.

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How to Grow Your Money and Protect Your Investments

Warning: We are going to give you information that will help you grow your investments and protect yourself from market losses. Beware, your broker won’t like this.

Many people get caught in the mutual fund trap, making money when the market is high and losing their investment when the market is low. At Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., we believe that middle-class people deserve smart investment counsel. The idea is simple: We help you choose investments which limit risk and help you keep more of the principal and market gains. We guarantee that you will not lose your original investment or earnings.