Help Preparing Unfiled Tax Returns

Warrenville Tax Debt Relief Attorney

If you earned income in any given year, you must by law file an income statement with the IRS. Possible penalties for failing to do so include hefty fines plus accrued interest, which can add up to significant sums.

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you take steps now to help resolve the issue and sleep better at night. Many clients at Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., in Warrenville, Illinois, have faced situations just like this. They just didn’t file income taxes for years, and it is now an issue.

Help Preparing Unfiled Tax Returns

But it is an issue that can usually be quickly resolved. To get started, call our office for a free initial consultation with a qualified tax attorney. We take the time to sit down in one-on-one meetings with every client to find out the specifics of the case, including how many years you failed to file and how much you think you may owe. Then we spring into action.

Founding attorney Jon Noel Dowat has significant experience in the financial sector, including financial planning, tax advising and bankruptcy law. We are prepared to meet with the IRS on your behalf and present prepared tax returns within a matter of days. We are ready to request the return of wage garnishments, wage levies or bank levies so you can have money to live on.

Depending upon your personal circumstances, it may be possible to discharge taxes through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The best way to find out is to schedule a free initial consultation at our Warrenville office.

We Diagnose, Then Prescribe

We understand that people make mistakes, like getting behind or failing to file taxes for years. We believe that you deserve to be treated fairly, and we will do all we can to promote your interests and resolve the situation quickly. To schedule a free initial consultation with a qualified lawyer, please call 630-333-9589 locally or 888-777-4193 toll free, or contact our firm.