Eliminating Credit Card & Medical Debt

Today’s economic climate is challenging for consumers. Many have lost jobs or experienced wage loss due to reduced hours. A family member may have health problems, resulting in unpaid medical bills, or has experienced a recent divorce. A family under economic stress may turn to their credit cards to buy essentials such as gas and groceries. If you find yourself underwater with medical or credit card debt, there is hope.

Many people see Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a sign of personal or moral failure. Not true. Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings are designed to help consumers liquidate or eliminate debt so they can start over.

Carol Stream Medical Debt Attorney

If you are overwhelmed with credit card or medical debt, call us, Thinking Outside The Box, Inc. We are a Warrenville, Illinois, law firm dedicated to helping clients resolve tax problems and address financial concerns through bankruptcy. We understand that times are tough, and want to help you find a creative solution to your financial problems.

Our founding attorney, Jon Noel Dowat, has a lot of experience in the financial world, working for 18 years as a financial planner and accountant before going into private practice. Our legal team has 140 years of combined experience and are knowledgeable in both law and accounting as CPAs.

Warrenville Credit Card Debt Relief Attorney

Making the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a big decision, one that deserves straightforward advice and information. If you have had it with collection agencies calling you at home or at work, schedule a free initial consultation at Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., in Warrenville, Illinois. You will get the opportunity to meet with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer and talk about your financial situation.

If you decide to file for Chapter 7, the court will issue an automatic stay. This prohibits creditors from contacting you for payment and stops wage garnishment.