Bankruptcy & Tax Debt

Warrenville Tax Debt Attorney

Today’s challenging economic environment has made it difficult for many consumers and small businesses to pay taxes on time. The IRS is not very forgiving and wants the money paid. It is difficult for consumers to negotiate on their own behalves, as tax law is extremely complex and changes all the time. In this stressful situation, it is very helpful to have a strong advocate — someone knowledgeable in tax and bankruptcy law — who will fight hard on your behalf.

At Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., in Warrenville, Illinois, we represent clients from all walks of life who are behind in tax payments to the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue. Our founding attorney, Jon Noel Dowat, has broad experience in solving financial problems including 18 years in accounting and financial planning.

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You Deserve Solid Debt Settlement Counsel

A sage once remarked, “Don’t mess with the IRS.” There is a lot of fear attached to dealing with the IRS, some of it founded and some of it simply not true. You do have the responsibility to pay taxes and to pay them on time. If you failed to do so, however, you have the right to retain counsel to represent you in negotiations.

You also have legal options such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Generally, taxes owed for more than three years are eligible for discharge or elimination through bankruptcy, depending upon the unique circumstances of your case. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court generally has more authority than the IRS, and it can order terms more favorable to you.

If you cannot discharge your tax debt, filing for bankruptcy may free up funds to help you pay the back taxes owed.