Audit and Appeals: Do Not Try This On Your Own

Naperville IRS Tax Audit Attorney

The adage, “Don’t mess with the IRS,” is especially true when it comes to tax audits and appeals. The IRS is a powerful government agency that is tasked with strict enforcement of the tax code. It uses its virtually unlimited resources to demand compliance through bank and wage levies, exorbitant penalties and the threat of criminal prosecution.

If you have received notice that you are going to be audited by the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue, you need to contact an experienced Naperville IRS tax audit lawyer right away.

Acting On Your Behalf In Tax Audits And Appeals

At Thinking Outside The Box, Inc., we are highly successful in representing clients who are being audited and require knowledgeable and experienced legal representation to protect their interests.

We will request IRS records to thoroughly prepare for the audit. Our attorneys will attend the audit on your behalf, acting decisively to represent your interests. We will present your case, explaining your position so that you are saved from having to discuss the matter under IRS scrutiny. These meetings are generally very stressful and play on the nerves of the taxpayer.

We choose to speak on behalf of our clients, shielding them from the power plays of the auditors. We will present all information to the IRS in the most positive and productive manner possible. Most importantly — you will not have to attend the audit.

It is our commitment to eliminate much of the fear and apprehension you are experiencing through capable and skillful handling of your case. Retaining us allows you the opportunity to present your side of the story without having to undergo the interrogation tactics of the IRS auditors.

If you have already undergone a negative audit and are seeking to appeal the IRS decision, we are available to represent you in the appeals process. We will thoroughly assess the original audit and all information that was presented to the IRS. Our team will locate weaknesses and holes that must be solidified, gathering the necessary information for a successful appeal.